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Cut open, disintegrate, mutilate, fragment, restructure and recompose the body. Generate new bodies, new meanings.

Evoke the human body as vulnerable and fragile. A body subjected to a time that moves forward and impacts. A mute body, a changing body, a perishable body. A body in motion, a body that is in a living space. A body that lives and dies at the same time. A body of bodies, a body as a unit of units, as a collection of pieces.


I force the claim of the body and the corporeality towards a society that represses its most intimate characteristic: that of being alive. The consumerist and capitalist society of today has established the ideal of a healthy, beautiful and narcissistic body; when in reality we are a temporal body that suffers, that hurts, that changes, that gets old, we are not eternal nor so beautiful. The vision of the body is turned towards the outer forms, towards what is seen. This represses its carnality and humanity.

May the body itself happen and be revealed!

Foto por Paula Virreria.

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